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Advanced SpeyFishing OUT OF STOCK

by Mike Maxwell

Often regarded as the one true Spey Master in North America, Mike, during his life, spread the Spey Gospel throughout the continent.  Sorely missed, Mike has left behind some wonderful teaching media.  In this book you will find a wealth of information from rod selection through a myriad of techniques...This book could soon become the bible for Spey Fishermen.  It is entitle Advanced but is directed to all levels.  Available in Book or DVD $39.95


Advanced SpeyCasting OUT OF STOCK

by Mike Maxwell

You will Learn:
Advantages of using a speyrod
How to select speycasting tackle

You will be able to:
Make single and double speys over each shoulder
Cast in the wind
Cast with trees or embankments behind you
Make aerial and water line controls

Secrets of Steelheading

By Jim Teeny


In his new Steelheading video, Jim Teeny covers Steelhead fishing with his sinking fly lines from line rigging to fighting the fish. It includes covering and working the water, tips on fly selection, line control and handling, and includes very informative sections on casting and handling sink tip lines. -$24.95


Teeny Nymph Tying Video

by Jim Teeny


Step by step instructions show you the process for the Original Teeny Nymph, as well as double body, Teeny Leeches, Egg Sucking Leeches, Flash Flies, Teeny Flats Flies, and The Big Bertha! (a Tarpon night fly). Includes information on selection of feathers and hooks plus all you need to know to successfully tie the World Record Holding Teeny Nymph flies. $14.95



Fly Fishing Still Waters DVD

by Jim Teeny


This instructional lake DVD was filmed and produced by Bud Beachwood and covers a lot of information on special techniques for lake fishing, shorelines and float tubes. Understanding lakes and selection of equipment are all talked about and covered in this video. If you have interest in fishing lakes and float tube fishing, this would be a good DVD to introduce you to this type of fly fishing. $24.95




Fly Fishing For Salmon

By Tim Teeny


Filmed by Gene Hering of "Fly Fish" television series this video offers great instruction of Fishing for Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and King Salmon. Some of the best underwater scenes I have seen. Shot digital, it is of high quality and full of action. If you are planning a trip to fly fish for Salmon, this would be a good video to view before your trip. Filmed in Alaska at Katmai Lodge on the Alagnak River. $24.95


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