Compleat In the Water 


Marc Petitjean's CDC Oil is used as 'barrier cream'.
A droop on the body of your flies will protect them from fish slime.The oil comes in a small bottle which can be attached to your vest.

Veniard CDC Gel A thicker oily CDC grease. Works as a barrier cream to keep your fly waterproof as well as recharging the oil.

Veniard CDC Oil A CDC Oil in a handy dispenser. Great for re applying oil to your fly to give them a recharge.

Veniard's Amadou Patch - There is no material better than natural Amadou for drying your flies - especially CDC's $15.95



Veniard Tungsten Putty A simple-to-use malleable putty for use on the fly or leader to get them down to fishing depth.


Loop Leader Wallet  Ventilated 5-pocket wallet for leaders,
line tips and lines.

William Joseph Float Tube Thermometer (solar powered) - This handy device attaches to any boat, kayak or float tube and helps you figure out where the tributaries and underwater streams lie. Back up battery will run for 12 hours - reusable mesh carry pouch - 48" measure line.  $37.25


William Joseph Digital Thermometer -  $39.00 - Solid state - takes accurate reading in 2-5 sec. - waterproof - shock resistant - no mercury or anodizing - No-slip grip design - Stores last 5 measurements taken - replaceable battery with 1000 hour life. $22.95



William Joseph Infrared Thermometer -
The industries first infrared point and shoot thermometer, just point it at the water and push the button and the rivers secrets are revealed to you in a millisecond. $39.00

William Joseph Stripping Basket is just that - retractable.  It acts as a wading belt, a utility belt (holds tools, water, etc.) however, when it is time to fish, simply give it a yank and out pops the basket. When you don't need it anymore it retracts. It has multiple lash points for additional equipment, indestructible and a nice price! $32.00



William Joseph Net Hook The Handle of this great net is formed into a 'Hook'. You can hook it just about anywhere at any time. Nothing is quicker, simpler, or faster - it just makes sense. And when you add other design features, like the world's first anti-bacterial net or the elegant and bomb proof bamboo frame, you have one of the best designed and lightest nets in the world!  $59.00


William Joseph Head Lamp - Looking for a light a little more powerful?  At half the size of a golf ball and tremendous candlepower. $19.00

William Joseph Wading Staff When it comes to staying upright, William Joseph has got your back. The new Wading Staff quickly adjusts to fit just about everyone. It will save your knees while hiking to the secret spot or add needed stability when you are wading through swift water. The staff is made from high-strength composite alloys and the handle is a special cork/rubber composite that is more durable and grippy than conventional cork. Pair that with the soft shock anti-shock system and you are ready to go! $46.65

  • Cork/Rubber composite handle
  • Extra wide neoprene lined wrist strap
  • Quick and secure locking adjustment
  • Soft shock anti-shock system


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