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William Joseph Head Lamp - Looking for a light a little more powerful?  At half the size of a golf ball and tremendous candlepower. $19.00


William Joseph Fly Ports (3 in a pack) - This handy fly port is great for most any application.  Durable with velco mounting on the back   $12.00


William Joseph Float Tube Thermometer (solar powered) - This handy device attaches to any boat, kayak or float tube and helps you figure out where the tributaries and underwater streams lie. Back up battery will run for 12 hours - reusable mesh carry pouch - 48" measure line.  $37.25


William Joseph Digital Thermometer -  $39.00William Joseph Digital Thermometer - Solid state - takes accurate reading in 2-5 sec. - waterproof - shock resistant - no mercury or anodizing - No-slip grip design - Stores last 5 measurements taken - replaceable battery with 1000 hour life. $22.95



Loop Leader Wallet  Ventilated 5-pocket wallet for leaders,
line tips and lines.


William Joseph Infrared Thermometer -
The industries first infrared point and shoot thermometer, just point it at the water and push the button and the rivers secrets are revealed to you in a millisecond. $39.00

William Joseph Nipper - 10x(etg+etc)=fpn. Somebody once said that everything in the universe could be explained with mathematics, so here it is. The equation states: Ten times easier to grab, plus easier to cut, equals favorite pair of nippers. Wow! They were right! $12.95
  • Your fingers will fit nicely
  • Your fingers won't slip
  • They are made from the very finest medical grade stainless

Mosquito Annoyer (solar powered with 6 hour battery back up) - This may look like a gimmick but when you consider a tube of decent bug repellent cost upwards of $10 and then ruins $70 worth of clothing and line, it might be worth it to try something else.  Here is the premise:  The only mosquitoes that bite are the pregnant females. This little box emits the sound of the male mosquito, which she now has great disdain for. So instead of sticking around to hear all this guy's cat calls and pick up lines, she goes elsewhere.  Testing has found it to be very effective.  Does not eliminate all bites, but about 95 to 98% of them....not bad. $10.00



Dr. Slick Lanyard/Necklace - This lanyard is adjustable and comes as pictured with tippet spool roller, Floatant cap,zinger and fly box. $25.00


Floatant Holders for the Dr. Slick Lanyard.  Designed to hold bottles, flashlight or any other small solid object. Clips onto the lanyard. Package of two. $3.50


Wind River Magnetic Net Holder - Each machined aluminum end has a key ring for attachment to a vest or net. These magnets have the highest strength of any magnetic net holder with 6.5 lbs. of straight pull for good holding strength. The machined ends have a male and female self-aligning end for easy and fast one-handed operation. Comes with narrow Bungee Cord and vest clip $19.95





Stainless w/Off Set Cutter&File $11.75 Nipper w/Pin Satin or Black

Nipper w/Pin & Knowt Tyer
Satin or Black
  Dr. Slick Stainless/Diamond Grooved Hook File. Stainless Steel w/Diamond Surface, 2 Sided, Dual Sharpening Grooves (Fine/Med).
4" - $10.50
6" - $18.50



Swivel        "8"       Grn"O"     Silver "O"

Dr. Slick Pin-on-Reels - $5.75


William Josepn Flask $18.50

All Stainless Steel extremely well made.


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