Compleat OffShore Swivel Knot 


OffShore Swivel Knot

Designed originally to attach a swivel securely to the double line used in offshore big-game trolling, the Swivel Knot can also be used for attaching a hook. If one strand breaks, the other strand will not slip. Breaking strength is 95%-100%

Step 1

Slip the loop end of double-line leader through the eye of swivel.
Rotate the loop end a half-turn to put a single twist between loop and swivel eye.

Step 2

Pass the loop with the twist over the swivel.
Hold the end of the loop, plus both legs of the double-line leader with one hand.
Let the swivel slide to other end of double loops now formed.

Step 3

Still holding the loop and lines with one hand, use your other hand to rotate the swivel through center of both loops, at least six times.

Step 4

Continue holding both legs of the double-line leader tightly, but release the end of loop.
Pull on the swivel and the loops will begin to gather.

Step 5

To draw the knot tight, grip the swivel with pliers and push loops toward the eye with fingers, while still keeping standing lines of the leader pulled tight.









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