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NEW High Performance Coating (HPC) on the floating section of all Lines

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Chuck and Duck

These lines were developed out of necessity, when it's ever so important to get your fly down quickly without adding any type of lead or weight to your fly or leader. Many consider this line to be a major breakthrough for many fisheries. One should be warned that this line is not for everyone and is not a distance casting line. What this line does very well is roll cast and offers exceptional tip control because of the oversized floating section.

The lines come in two sizes and two styles. The Heavy and the Magnum both have an 8 foot sinking tip. The SUPER Heavy & SUPER Magnum, both have a 12 foot sinking tip. They all have a rear section of floatiing line with our new “HPC” coating (high performance coating).These lines work best with a Fast Action Rod. If you should try to back cast once, it should be with an open loop and overhand forward cast, which is a lob type cast. With the right timing you will get good distance.



T Series

The original plan was to develop a one piece fly line with a sinking deep water express shooting head mated with a floating running line that would be easy to cast and very strong. That it would be perfectly balanced and color coded so one could easily see when they could roll cast or pick the line up off the water at the optimum time for the easiest and best results. The lines were originally designed for fly fishing for salmon and steelhead on the west coast rivers and streams. Shortly after their introduction, it was apparent that many other fly anglers had their own ideas about other uses for the lines. In the salt for stripers, blue fish, halibut, bill fish, tarpon and many others, all fell prey to the T - Series lines. Realistically, what the T - Series & Saltwater Series fly lines have done is open up new fisheries both fresh and saltwater. There is hardly a fish that you cannot go after and quite possibly land with a certain amount of luck.

TS Saltwater Series

The TS Series represents a longer version of the original Teeny T Series fly lines. The sinking section is 30 feet long with a 70 foot running line section, totaling 100 feet. The title of the line is Saltwater Series, but it works equally well in freshwater when distance is important. This line was designed for anglers who prefer to cast long distances of up to 100 feet. You will find this line to be very useful on many of our big wide rivers on the west coast where casting distance is important. If you wish to fish close in, say 20 to 30 feet, you can easily do this. Simply roll cast some of the sinking line. Short leaders seem to work best with these lines. Try a 4 feet of leader off your line when fishing for Steelhead or Salmon. The best way to cast this type of line is to get the color change to your rod tip and roll cast your line to the surface and then immediately make a single false cast and then shoot it where you want it to go. An excellent line for Billfish is the TS-550 which is perfect for quick casting and excellent balance to turn over large flies.

TST Saltwater Series

The New TS-T Flats Taper line has a 10 foot Clear Tip (slow sinking) along with 14 feet of regular intermediate sinking line. Total tip length is 24' of slow sinking head and 76 feet Floating. This line comes one piece from the factory for greater strength and smoothness when casting. The big advantage this line will have is on fish that are swimming deeper and it's important that your fly be presented at the proper level. After experimenting with the clear tip or clear lines it's been proven time and time again that an all clear or long clear tip is a definite disadvantage for the angler and also for the guide. They are to hard to see and follow for accurate casts and presentation. 


Teeny MiniTip

When the MiniTip design was first being developed trout fishing in lakes and streams, and/or fishing for sockeye and chum salmon in Alaska was the order of the day. This fly line works well in a large variety of waters on most types of fish. Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, and Bluegill are just a few. The design is a weight forward taper floating line with five feet of quick sinking tip. It is easy to cast with great visibility to the angler. Easy to pick up and cast again with great line control during your drift. The Mini Tip line is Jim Teeny's personal favorite fly line for most subsurface fishing, except for when you need to get down quickly in heavy currents or deep waters. In rivers a leader length of 4 to 6 feet is usually the best in moving waters. If fish are suspended in slow deep pools a 9 to 12 foot leader is best, as it makes a more natural presentation of your fly to the fish without motion or shadow from your line. If you need a line to get your fly down with minimal line drag and excellent control the Mini Tip should be the line for you.

Tandem Series Lines

NEW! Be as flexible as the water conditions with the NEW Tandem Series Flylines. Two complete flylines in one. Tandem lines are 130 feet long and come one piece, perfectly balanced from the factory, eliminating any loops, splices or knots in the full length of the flyline. Designed for single hand and spey rods.
Enclosed are two braided loops to be attached at each end of the flyline, allowing the fisherman to reverse the line with ease when fishing situations change. Our Long shot Taper Floating line on one end, reversible to the Mini-Tip line on the other. Also a unique combination of a Mini-Tip reversible to the original and famous T-Series line. 

Xtreme Distance

This 120 foot fly line is specifically designed for the distance caster. This line was developed mostly for the east coast fly fisherman going after Blue Fish and Stripers. This fly line casts well in any situation that calls for long casts, be it saltwater or big rivers and lakes. Like all of Teeny sink tip lines, wind is not a problem and this line is no exception and it has been designed for single handed or spey rods.

Teeny Tip Taper

Teeny's newest fly line design was created with the Great Lakes and West Coast Fisheries in mind. The tip section is more heavily weighted which allows the tip to drop faster than the rest of the line. The whole purpose of the line is to help eliminate the use of added lead or weight in most situations. It cast quite nicely and you can definitely feel the tip going down first as you fish. In situations of deep waters or stronger currents this fly line should deliver your fly with less line drag in the water. It works very well in both fresh and saltwater situations



Small Water Series

The Basic Sink fly line is designed for casts of 60 feet or less. This special sinking line has 20 feet of sinking tip with 40 feet of floating line. It is extremely easy to cast and control. It handles like our T-Series lines except the overall length is only 60 feet, as opposed to the 82 foot original T-Series. If you will be casting 60 feet or more this line will not work for you. It would cause you to cast into your backing which can be quite annoying.  If you have never fished with a sinking line, this is the perfect line to get you started.

First Cast is the entry level floating fly line with many uses. It is a 60 foot line with a forward taper. Casts extremely well and is the perfect floating line for the beginner or for smaller waters, when casts of 60 feet or less are required.

Professional Series

The Teeny Nymph company has joined forces with Lefty Kreh, Gary LaFontaine, Flip Pallot, Dave Whitlock, Kelly Galloup, Billy Pate and Pat Ehlers to present to you the Professional Series -- a group of fly lines designed by some of the industry's finest fly fishermen. Each was asked what new fly line they would like to see made that would be of their design, taper and color. The result is this dynamic and exciting Professional Series.

Floating & Intermediate Lines

In this section you will find a myriad of Floating and Intermediate solutions for all types of waters and situations including Jim's NEW Spey Line.  Also you will find invisible tip lines, WF, DT


High Visibility orange, blue or lime extremely strong and durable.  Comes in 20lb. or 30lb. test and 100 yd. or 1000 yd. rolls


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