The Loop Composite flyreel CLW has been improved.  They have strengthened the handle, improved the balance, built a rim around the entire frame and constructed the reel foot of aqluminum.l  Given the price, form and the silky-smooth brake, this reel is a clear winner.

Speaking of clear, the CLW is also available in a transparent version - the CLWC!  The material is very expensive and unbreakable.  These reels are indestructible and the function is ordinary Loop - absolutely remarkable.

Loop offers three models of the CLW: the 2six and 5eight designed for single-handed rods, the 8twelve for double-handed rods.  The CLWC comes in 2six and 5eight.




Point on the Reel
to view the back



Model Article Line Capacity Weight grams Price Black
2six LOOPCLW2-6 2-6 WF5F- 100yd 20lbs 116 $130
5eight LOOPCLW5-8 5-8 WF7F-197yd 20lbs
146 $140
8twelve LOOPCLW8-12
8-12 WF10F-290yd 30lbs
175 $150

Extra Spool - $50, $55 and $60


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