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 Among the many factors that separate LOOP fly rods from other brands in the market, the most important is the direction of in-house design and development by actual fly fishing enthusiasts and engineers. A hands-on fly fishing perspective drives function and quality through the process of moving from idea to finished product. Research and ideas created by a need in the field are often what translates to improvements in design and function.

When you buy a LOOP fly rod you are guaranteed a unique product produced by fly fishers for fly fishers.


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Göran Andersson Signature Series

• • • Göran Andersson Signature Series Fly Rods

The Signature-series, made from the same fibre and technology as the Opti-series. The rods have a somewhat deeper action that bends down through the handle when fully loaded, together with a short piston stroke that allows an early stop. The rods are easy to use and suits all kinds of flyfishers, but gives you who have the technical abilities an improved angle performance – without any lost of power during the forward cast. To fish with the Signature-rods is like poetry for your body and soul. You can almost feel how the rod is speaking to you, then you just hang on.

Loop Opti Single Hand Series

• • • Loop Opti Single and Double Hand Fly Rods

Now we are talking optimized rods. Optimized materials and manufacturing process. Optimized for situation and method. Incredibly strong and flexible flyrods that puts some demands on your skills as a flyfisher. If you have the ability you will take your flyfishing to the next level.



Loop Opti Double Hand Series

Loop Classic Spey

• • • Loop Classic Spey Fly Rods

Designed by World Team Speycasting Champion, Eoin Faigrieve the new Classic Spey rods combines stunning good looks with superior casting performance. Finished in a deep translucent olive colour, this range of rods are designed for the most demanding modern and traditional Speycasting techniques. Each rod benefits from a silky-smooth progressive action with fast tip recovery to control tight casting loops in all conditions. With their extended handle design and fast progressive action, these rods are destined to become true 'Classics'.


Loop Multi Series

• • • Loop Multi Series Fly Rods

The Multi series was designed using new graphite technology that creates an extremely light, yet amazingly strong fly rod. The action gives you that little extra time to coordinate the cast. Multi is the rod for you who want to tighten your loops and improve your performance when you present your fly. They have spent years developing this new technology, but what it means to you is simple, “Longer casts, more accuracy and much less effort then ever before” .


Loop Yellow Line

New Yellow Line Design coming 2009

• • • Loop Yellow Line Fly Rods

Let's be honest, when the Loop Yellow Line appeared, many raised their eyebrows at the color. Loop developed this rod for casting instruction and filming – it is much easier to see and follow than brown or other traditional dark colors! However, the eyebrows were really raised when people began to realize how well this series casts and performs. Yellow Line is a little slower with an easy-to-cast, precise and progressive action. A Yellow rod and an Adapted line will deal with any cast and any really interesting fishing situation. The color is just a bonus.

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