Loop MULTI Fly Rods                                                            Fast Action
Loop has taken the already popular Grey Line-series and enhanced it in the MULTI Rod. The result is a much more flexible material and a new construction that gives the rod a deep, powerful action with a short recovery stroke




Model Length Line Wt Price
Single-Hand 3/4-piece
MUL280-3 8' 2 84g $305
MUL390-4 9' 3 87g $310
MUL490-4 9' 4 89g $325
MUL590-4 9' 5 94g $340
MUL696-4 9'6" 6 118g $350
MUL796-4 9'6" 7 123g $365
MUL896-4 9'6" 8 124g $380
Double-Hand 4-piece
MUL7120-4 12' 7 184g $520
MUL8130-4 13' 8 216g $545
MUL9140-4 14' 9 258g $565
MUL10130-4 13' 10 223g $600
MUL10150-4 15' 10 275g $620


Deep Fast Action
The dot that marks the fit of each part
The triangular reel-seat with a permanent lock easier to put the reel in place. Form follows function
High quality Portuguese cork grip
The classification of each part so as not to mix your different rods
Durable snake-guides with double coating
Loop 1+24 years warranty.



Loop Grey Line SaltWater Fly Rods                                           Fast Action
  Now Loop launches a series of really sharp saltwater flyrods in order to finally provide you with the optimum tools for the toughest flyfishing there is. Grey Line Salt rods are built with the same revolutionary technology as the now famous Grey Line series, but have a bit quicker action to handle the special demands that saltwater flyfishing sets. The faster action provides desirable high line speed in windy conditions. Though fast, they load quickly even with a short line and cast long with the utmost precision.






Model Length Line Handle Price
Single-Hand 3-piece
LGRSW 690-4 9' 6 A $625
LGRSW 790-4 9' 7 A $625
LGRSW 890-4 9' 8 B $665
LGRSW 1090-4 9' 10 C $665
LGRSW 1290-4 9' 12 C $665


Fast Action
Discreet grey finish
Reel seats:
Polished Black aluminum
High quality Portuguese cork grip
Ceramic Strip guides with super hard chrome Snake guides
Supplied with two tips
Quality cloth sock and triangular tube
Loop 1+24 years warranty.



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