Loop Opti Vest

Lightweight quick dry nylon fabric
Stretchable, load-bearing fabric on shoulders for comfort
Non-crushable neoprene collar that will not retain water.
3 large, vertical front pockets
Foam fly patch.
Zipper and buckle closure at front
D-ring on back
2 tippet pockets
1 welded outer zipper pocket
Tool arrangement with 2 retractors and 2 straps to arrange your tools on the front of the left chest pocket
2 zipped pockets on the back
1 large back pocket
Detachable back piece with mesh lining inside
2 large zipped pockets inside
2 logo embossed Velcro bands on front
Comes with a dry pouch bag
Colour: light green and orange







The vest is a classic detail. But do not think this a relic from the past. Opti Fly Vest is a modern multifunctional vest, made from lightweight nylon. With eleven pockets you will have space for all the gadgets a fly fisher needs. The back pocket easily swallows a thermos and more. The shoulders are covered by thin neoprene that makes even a heavy loaded vest comfortable. Two retractors and two straps, under the cover of the left pocket, keep track of all your tools. The vest comes in light green and orange. You can remove the shoulder coverage on hot days. When taken of the vest is easily tucked away in your bag, but this will not happen very often.

Sizes M-XXXL

Price: $125.00




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