Compleat Dyes 



Veniard Dyes are the most sought after and difficult to find in the U.S.  Easily the finest and most widely used Dying Products in the industry.  Simply put....The Best!



Venpol Detergent


Highly concentrated and specially produced for preparing feathers, furs etc. for dying. 100 ml bottle.   Mixing proportion 1:160.

Veniard Dyes (15g tube)

These dyes are specially prepared for dying feathers, furs etc., for use by the fly-tier they are simple and clean to use.  The most widely used dyes in Europe.  Full instructions are enclosed

Available Colors

Blue Dun  Blue(Teal) Iron Blue
Light Blue Kingfisher Blue Dark Blue
Light Claret Dark Claret Ginger
Crimson Scarlet/Bright Red Magenta 
Fiery Brown Dark Brown Cinnamon
Insect Grn Bright Grn  Dark Green 
Green Highlander Green Olive Brown Olive
Med. Olive Dark Olive Olive Dun  
Gold Olive  Yellow  Sunburst Yellow
Bright Yellow  Chartreuse Red Flouro
Green Flouro Yellow Flouro Orange Flouro
Hot Orange Summer Duck  Purple
Coral   Peach  
Black  Grey  


Bulk 100g

Available Colors

Blue Dun
Olive Dun
Orange Florescent
Insect Green



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