Compleat Glues, Vanishes & Wax 






A clear flexible coating for building up heads or bodies. It is a great replacement for epoxy because it is one part, durable, fast drying, and penetrating. Apply by dipping the fly head in the bottle and then cleaning the eye.
Sets in only 3 minutes.

Fly Stages


Great Solution for organizing compleated and or drying flys - slips easily on your vise stem. Comes in 3 configurations.
2 Stages, 3 Stages and 2 Stages with one tool holder with hook size guide - each rotates 360 degrees.





Veniard is one of the oldest and most respected names in fly tying products. 
When you see the name you know you are buying the best.


Veniard's Floo Gloo



Use when strength and flexibility is an issue, ideal for dry fly wings, before and after tying.  Simply spread a thin coat onto the material and allow to dry.

Liquid Glass Head Cement



Quick drying acrylic compound sets like glass, but is flexible enough not to chip. Twin Pack of cement and slow thinner.

Premium Tacky Wax



An excellent all around wax, which grips but is  not too sticky, and of just the right consistency and firmness for all dubbing work.




Prepared Wax



Veniard's own prepared wax.  Specifically prepared for the Fly tier.

Veniard's Liquid Wax

Apply to thread just before dubbing. Makes thread really sticky. Ideal if you have difficulty with certain materials or dubbing in general.  

Veniard's Cellire Varnish
Clear and Tinner $2.75
Colors $2.95

Veniard's Cellire Varnish in Extra Clear, Yellow, White, Black and Red.  Also available is their thinner made especially for the Cellire Varnish















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