Compleat Hooks 





Loop Black Nickle Double Hooks are not easy to find in the US and are considered the Best in Class by those who know....whoever they are.

Black Nickel Double Salmon Hooks
Short-shafted, down-eye double hooks for various fishing situations.
Size 4 for sunk-line fishing in slow water. Sizes 6-12 for float-line
fishing in faster, oxygenated water.
10 per package. Sizes: 4-12.


Black Nickel Double Salmon Tube Hooks
Short-shafted, straight-eye tube-hook built according to the same
principle as the double salmon.
10 per package. Sizes: 2-12.




• Chemically sharpened hi-carbon steel
• 3-step computerized hardening process for maximum strength
• Short shaft for optimum hooking capability



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