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Amidst the moth balls and sealed boxes lies the true creativity of the Sport. For many there are more hours spent over the vise or talking patterns, technique or dressings than over riffles.  Are these ellusive critters truly smarter than a box of rocks?  

I remember being 10, fishing with my father.  We were fishing a stream in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the home of my youth.  I had moved up stream to  find some privacy and "really fish" with some live grasshoppers.  Not much patience at that age.  It was late and the sun had dropped behind the pines and the air was gradually getting crisper.  I caught a couple of small brookies on those tobacco chewing aliens.  Soon the hoppers were gone with the chill but I found myself in the middle of my first real hatch.  I desperately looked for a worm or anything (I wasn't going back to those pathetic flies my father insisted I use), the water was beginning to boil.  I found a stand of black eyed Susan's and quartered the black eye, mounted a piece on my hook and promptly landed an 18" rainbow.  After landing 3 more beauties I proudly ran back to my father to show him the string (many years before catch and release) and my new "attracter pattern". He managed only one small brown in my absence.  He took one look at the shredded black eyed Susan dangling from my eagle claw hook and mumbled - "these damn things are as dumb as a box of rocks" and off we went to the Shamrock Drive-In for a hot dog and a pop.  There was my introduction to a world of new and unusual materials.  

By the way, I tried those black eyed Susan's on and off until I was about 12 and never had another taker, so don't go ripping up your spouses perennials and blaming it on me.  

Welcome to our materials (of which I have none, only glues and dyes and hooks- I ran out of Black Eyed Susans)section.  If we end up a little short on selection, we assure you we will make an effort to be long on creativity.

This story compliments of the Phat Phisherman

This section is truly InCompleat - take a peek.

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