Marc Petitjean 

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Personally, I think Marc Petitjean is a genius; not because of his tying style, but

because of his observation and ingenuity. His tools are unique and work very well.

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The MP tying tools are based on the long tying experience of Marc Petitjean.All those items are hand and Swiss made out of stainless steel. Beside the nice execution of the scissors, the other tools are unique.


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Marc Petitjean Magic Clip Set: The Hot tool of the year. Clips, and makes dubbing brushes, great for making fur bugs and lots of interesting effects like folding hackle. Make CDC parachutes in one shot, dubbing, hackle the works.



12-ssig.jpg (9937 bytes) Marc Petitjean's Magic Head: These head create a wobbling effect, allowing you to develop some interesting patterns. The Magic Head can be flipped backwards by folding to make a traditional streamer. Can be used on all straight eye hooks from size 18 to 5/0. Great for bass flies, smallmouth, saltwater and lake flies. Creates an unbelievable action.
$4.95 per Pack
Marc Petitjean's CDC Oil is used as 'barrier cream'.
A droop on the body of your flies will protect them from fish slime.The oil comes in a small bottle which can be attached to your vest.$6.75

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