The Phat Phisherman's Phairy Tales


AHHH....One of my favorite Winter Spots...The Frying Pan River in the Colorado Rockies.  Kids are skiing and I am doing what I love most.....Life as it should be. 


Replete with some visiting wildlife friends.  I know this picture looks like we visited a petting zoo but I assure you it is in the wild...the unfortunate fence in the background was a fence on someone's property keeping them OUT.   

Of course I was stubborn as usual.  As the local fly shop was touting the absolute need to use a size 24-26 midge I was determined to throw a slab of beef at the local critters - a Teeny egg sucking leach size 6.  The result , several 14-18 inch browns and one mammoth 28" Rainbow.  I was alone and the Rainbow took me down stream and my camera was left upstream and I am left with a fisherman's tale a wonderful mental image and you are left with the quandary of believing the tale or not.....such is life.

Yes your are correct.....Foul hooked above the eye.







No Holiday account would be compleat without pictures of the family...This is my daughters dog Wilbur, fresh from sunny Califorina, fishing for who knows what.....Till next time....Tight Lines....The PhatPhisherman