Stueben Salmon

James Houston's "Heritage Salmon" (Flawless Condition)
14" long - 6" high at the tip of the tail

This piece was taken out of production, by Steuben, in the late 90's.  Conceived as a companion piece to his classic 1966 Trout & Fly, James Houston's graceful Salmon celebrates the fly fisherman's Northern prize.  The "Heritage Salmon" is deftly hand-formed with an upward-arching tail that captures the fluid beauty of hot glass.  $2,200.00






James Houston divides his time between a colonial house in Connecticut built by a famous privateer, a writing and fishing retreat on the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, and New York City where he is master designer for Steuben Glass. His sculptures, in crystal, metal and plexiglass, along with his drawings and paintings, are in museums and private collections throughout the world. His designs often use an Arctic or wildlife theme. His sculpture, Aurora Borealis, a 70-foot work of polished prismatic spheres, is on permanent display in the central staircase at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. He designed the National Geographic Centennial Award. In 1970, he won the Chicago Book Clinic design award.

Included in the cost is: special packing, UPS 2 day shipping and insurance.  Authenticity guaranteed.


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