Compleat Entomology 


Wind River Entomology Kit: Perfect for preserving and identifying aquatic insects while on the water.

The kit contains:
- collapsible seine (Insta-Seine)
- 3 glass vials
- one Petri dish
- magnifying glass
- water thermometer
- larvae forceps
- 59 page insect guide/fly fishing instructions book

All this fits neatly in a 4" x 9" carrying case with plenty of extra room for additional gear. The case easily fits into a vest or pack. $49.95


Extra Insect Bottles - Insect Bottles half ounce size is perfect for storing and displaying insect samples. Glass bottles with screw cap large enough to hold stoneflies/ craneflies. Available in 4-pack. $5.95

Wind River Bug Balmer Bug Balmer dispatches and preserves insects. Special ingredient fixes and maintains the color of almost all aquatic organisms. Eight ounce bottle will fill sixteen 1/2 oz Wind River insect vials. $7.00


Wind River Bug Catchers Mit Seine Perfect for scooping dry flies or emergers from the water's surface. Elastic wrist band and stitched finger slots make it easy to use. Stored easily in vest pocket. Weighs less than one ounce. Durable construction. Three inch white mesh bullseye for easy insect color determination. One size fits all. $12.00


Wind River Insta-Seine The handles in this Seine are collapsible and made from high-grade aluminum. Each half is connected by a bungee cord for instant installation. Broken in two they measure a scant seven inches. The ten-inch high by sixteen-inch wide net is the same size seine as the popular Handi-Seine, but is capable of being stored in smaller spaces. Includes a three-inch white mesh bullseye for easy insect color determination. Weighs only 4 ounces. $24.95


Wind River Landing Net Seine Fits all landing nets to allow instant conversion for use as an insect seine. Drawstring and cord lock allow quick and secure fastening. White net provides better contrast for identifying insects. Use also as a beverage cooler: place beverages in bag, close and then fasten the bag to your belly boat or raft with the snap hook. This product is also useful as a litter-tote to carry litter from the waterway to your car. $14.95


Wind River Handi-Seine: Twelve inches high by sixteen inches wide net size is large enough to collect the important insects. Dowel rod handles are twelve inches long by 3/8" diameter and can be removed or carried in vest pocket with net. Weights only two ounces. Three inch white mesh bullseye for easy insect color determination. $16.95


Angling Designs Quick Seine: Attaches securely to the handle of your landing net with elasticized Velcro. Allows you to seine frequently for more effective fly pattern selections. A compactable seine net is permanently attached and stored inside a lightweight pouch, and remains available and ready for use at all times. The white elasticized net stretches over the frame of the net. Fits all net openings 10" to 15". The seine net dries completely inside its breathable pouch. Made in the USA by Angling Designs, Inc. Winner of 1997 Top Ten products award at the Fly Tackle Dealer Show. $19.95


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