William Joseph Dry-Namic Waders

WJ Dry-Namic waders have incorporated a ton of concepts, which will certainly become industry standards. Such as integrated pockets made of soft shell, a fabric that is waterproof, breathable and stretches, keeping all your sundry items snug and close to your body. Water proof zippers keep the pockets water tight as well as provide a center opening which makes taking your waders on and off a snap.

Redundancy is the secret of our success and your comfort because if a wader is going to fail, chances are it will be in a seam area. This is why all primary seams are not only taped on the inside but the outside as well. Something nobody else does, add to this list articulated feet and knees. Hypalon foot-soles, built in gravel guards and a seamless crotch and you can see why William Joseph waders are fast becoming the most popular on the river.

Dry-Namic waders are made from Dupont Suplex, with a five layer breathable membrane in high wear areas, and three layers in areas which have fewer demands.

Price:   $335.00


Waist 32 32 36 36 42 42 54
Inseam 28 32 30 32 32 35 38
Shoe Size 7/8 7/8 8/9 8/9 9/10 11/12 13/14



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